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The Isaiah & Lillian Stein Foundation, created by Edwin, Brian, Karl and Mark Stein is a testament to their parents and everything they stand for.

The foundation educates through sport in Cape Town (South Africa) and in the United kingdom, and seeks to provide support and assistance for young people with disadvantaged backgrounds.

It is all built upon principles left behind by the passionate work and beliefs of Isaiah and Lillian Stein.

Our Mission

To create and sustain a community centre for educating young people through sport in Cape Town.

Our Objectives

1. Build a sports and community facility in Cape Town. This will become a base for all activities under the ILS Foundation name
2. Build a series of programmes that can operate anywhere to educate through sport
3. Engage with and support non-league and professional football league clubs in the UK to raise awareness and support

Isaiah and Lillian Stein

Our parents Isaiah & Lillian Stein were born in South Africa. In Cape Town Isaiah was heavily involved in the community which challenged & tackled the inequalities of Apartheid which were implemented by the South African govt. This led to Isaiah being imprisoned several times under house arrest. Lillian also paid a heavy price for her role in supporting her husband, as she was also arrested, detained & tortured. Isaiah was eventually exiled and managed to find refuge in England.

As young brothers our parents brought us to England in our formative years. It proved difficult at first because our father was deprived of his properties & possessions back home. However, as young children we did not feel anything untoward in that regard and as young boys we focused on going to school. We quickly assimilated to English culture and it was whilst at school that we established ourselves amongst our peers in the classroom first, and then on the sports field.

The Stein brothers returned to South Africa with their father’s ashes. It was at this time that they conceived the idea of creating a foundation in their parents memory, and driven partly by their own experiences of feeling empowered with education through sport.

Our Aim

To provide support and assistance to young people in Cape Town from disadvantaged backgrounds. We have already formed a partnership with Thornton Road Primary School (attended by Karl Stein). The Stein Foundation will assist the school in building a multi-purpose activity centre which can also be used by local community groups. This facility should encourage young children & others to participate in all types of sport in a safe environment. It will also help address issues such as poverty, drug abuse, domestic violence, discrimination, bullying and gang activity through Sport.

For the wider community this facility will provide an arena where local people can gather and create dialogue through sport to ensure stronger & more cohesive communities. Our supporting partners in the UK will also play a role in providing sports coaching in addition to football, we hope to implement Tennis academies in Cape Town too.

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Driven by our parent's legacy, we now strive with our dear supporters to EMPOWER young people..

Edwin Stein
Brian Stein

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